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All of our academic programs focus on the development of the whole child.  We strive to educate the spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical development of each child.  


Holy Family Catholic School offers a Pre-kindergarten program for 4 year olds.  We offer a full day (8:00 – 3:10) or a half day (8:00 – 11:00) option.  

In the Pre-K classroom, students learn by doing.  They participate in several structured activities each day, including whole group activities, small group activities, and one-on-one activities with a teacher.  Students are also given many opportunities during the day for free play, to choose their own activity, and to interact with others.   

We strive for each child to develop a love for God and a respect for others.   We strive to follow Jesus’ law of love, “Love one another.”  


Primary Grades (K-2)

Students in the primary grades receive a well rounded education while developing Catholic Christian attitudes and values.  Our teachers work with our students to educate the whole child.

Academic emphasis is placed on building a strong literacy foundation through real world reading and writing experiences.  Math and science skills are taught using a variety of manipulatives and hands on lessons. Social studies and science are integrated into our daily lessons, so that the students experience all the core subjects.  This builds a strong foundation as they transition to the next grade level. We strive to meet the needs of each student and help them grow as Christian citizens.


Intermediate Grades (3-5)

The teachers in the intermediate department continue to build on the educational skills and foundation that was started in the primary department.  Students are expected to take on more responsibility in completing assignments while gaining more independence.  

Students deepen their knowledge and understanding of math, language arts, science, and social studies.  Writing projects focused on grammar and research are utilized to encourage students to become authors.  Reading skills are developed as the students move from learning how to read to reading to learn.  An emphasis is placed on building comprehension and high order thinking skills when reading.  


Middle School (6-8)

The priorities for the students in the middle school grades (6 - 8) are their continued faith development and student learning.  To ensure student success at school, Holy Family teachers work together to challenge students to reach or exceed our learning goals.  The teachers know students well and work tirelessly to promote and provide a safe, orderly, and respectful environment that promotes high levels of student engagement and trust.  Our middle school focuses on the values that so many seek in a quality education: superior academic results, faith formation, the building of character, and a safe, caring community where each child is accepted and respected.

Our middle school also offers some Algebra class for our 8th grade students and students in grades 7-8 are able to participate in sports with the Hannibal Public Schools.

We strive to create a true family feeling in Holy Family’s Middle School. 



Extended Curriculum

Art - Holy Family School offers a visual art curriculum for students Kindergarten through 8th Grade.

Students engage in a progressive program that includes artists and their works, art history, and cross-curricular exploration.  Students investigate various genres, techniques, and mediums to create their own visual expressions of imagination and creativity. 

Music -  Holy Family Music Classes Rock!  Grades Kindergarten through the 8th grade attend music class once a week. The primary purpose of our music curriculum is to develop literacy, appreciation, creativity, expression and communication.

Students experience a variety of music through listening, singing and playing at age appropriate levels. The integration of the Orff and Kodaly approach of teaching music allows the students to learn how to read music and develop aesthetic appreciation through movement and analysis. Students will develop skills and an understanding of musical elements and concepts through active learning. They also learn some beautiful songs to honor our Lord Jesus Christ.  This is all done in a fun enjoyable environment to enable the students to begin to appreciate music that is always part of our daily lives. 

P.E. - The PE program at Holy Family tries to encompass all aspects of Physical Education. All of the PE classes (K-8) work on developing flexibility, endurance and stamina. 

K - 2nd:

These classes work on the basics of throwing, kicking, jumping, and running. They also start working on the very basics of games such as soccer, baseball and kickball. We sprinkle in fun games that help with balance and teamwork.

3rd - 5th:

These classes focus on building on what we have learned in the earlier grades. These classes continue learning the rules of different sports such as soccer and baseball. We introduce other more complicated games such as football, basketball, and volleyball. We continue to use different games to help develop throwing, kicking and running skills.

6th - 8th:

These classes have learned the rules of most of the sports we play, we spend this time working on fine tuning these skills and understanding strategy. 

Besides the physical we also focus on the mind and spirit of each class. During the year we discuss aspects of nutrition, stress, muscle development, and concussions. 

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