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About Our School


The first Catholic Grade School opened in Hannibal, Missouri in 1865.  A short time later, in 1871, St. Joseph Academy, a girl’s high school was in operation.  Two parishes were in existence in Hannibal, both having a Catholic elementary school.  One of the parish schools was Blessed Sacrament located at 2100 Broadway.  The other was St. Mary-Immaculate Conception School, located in the same building with the newly built (1925) McCooey High School, at 1113 Broadway.  Blessed Sacrament parish and school merged with St. Mary parish and school to form the present parish and school known as Holy Family.  


McCooey High School was closed in 1965.  That building became the sole elementary school building for grades Kindergarten through Eight.  In 1986, the Holy Family School Board voted to discontinue the Junior High (7th and 8th grades), and began a prekindergarten through grade six education system.  


After many attempts to thoroughly study the feasibility of reinstating the 7th and 8th grades, the 1994-95 School Board voted to open Holy Family School to seventh graders in August 1995 and to eighth graders in August of 1996.  


There are approximately 104 families with children in grades prekindergarten through 8th grade with a total enrollment of approximately 150 students.  Holy Family parishioners have indicated a great appreciation of Catholic education and they value their Christian heritage.  


Holy Family School meets the standards that are required by the Diocese of Jefferson City.  Each standard builds and reflects the school’s educational mission and philosophy.  Holy Family School personnel plan for a future based on pursuit of academic excellence and Faith development that enhances and enriches the spiritual dimension of each student and faculty member of Holy Family of Hannibal.  


With positive parental involvement and continued financial support and encouragement from the pastor, school staff and other members of the parish, the people of Holy Family Parish look forward to meeting our goals and expectations now and through years to come.



Holy Family Catholic School strives to nurture the spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth of each student; helping them develop a global perspective of the world so they will become productive Christian citizens.    


Holy Family School embraces the call of the General Directory of Catechesis, that “Parents are the primary educators in the faith.” Together, we pass on the Catholic faith to the next generation and create a spiritual atmosphere in which we strengthen  our relationship with Jesus and others. We strive to create a safe, stimulating and caring environment in which each student can develop to the best of their God-given ability.

Holy Family provides a faith-filled, God-centered school where the values lived by Jesus are taught, supported and practiced by a dedicated school community consisting of administration, faculty, staff, volunteers, parents/guardians, and students. Together, we strive to meet the specific needs of each student.

The students of Holy Family School receive a quality education in basic knowledge, Christian attitudes and values, emphasizing the development of life skills such as leadership, responsibility, self-discipline, organization, problem solving, work and accountability. Learning relates to the life experiences and environments of the students. It reflects an awareness and appreciation of the cultural and religious diversity found in our local community, nation and world.

Holy Family Church
1111 Broadway St.
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