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Prekindergarten and Discovery Time Programs Holy Family School

Welcome to Holy Family School and our preschool program! We are looking forward to a school year of learning and fun with your child. Working together, we can make this a wonderful beginning school experience for your child.  

At Holy Family School we wish to develop in each student a love for God and a respect and caring for others. This behavior is taught not only in religion class but throughout the school day in everything we do. At the beginning of the school year, we will learn four simple classroom rules:

  1. I will listen.
  2. I will try.
  3. I will be kind.
  4. I will be safe.

Good behavior and kindness toward others will also be encouraged with different positive reinforcement programs throughout the school year including “straw in the manger” during Advent, our “growing in God’s love” tree during Lent, “catching good behavior fish” at the end of school year, and “filling each other’s bucket” program which is encouraged throughout the school year.   

If you choose Holy Family School and entrust your child in our care, we will do our best to help your child grow academically, socially, and spiritually.


Holy Family Church
1111 Broadway St.
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Holy Family School
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